Free stuff on XBL

I tried to make myself update el bloggo more frequently...but that doesn't seem to be happening.  HOWEVER, I do have some goodies for everyone.  Free stuff from xbox live.  I'm going to link everyone here instead of posting a wall of text.

Who doesn't like free stuff?  I know I do. 

Easiest way is to go online via the computer, which conveniently enough...your already there!  Anywho, navigate a new tab to Xbox Live Marketplace.   You can search items you want and  put them in your download que.  That way when you get home turn on your 360 and let the files download while you do what you do.

Since I'm such a nice guy I'm going to link the stuff here...
Modern Warfare 2 Avatar Goggles  - these expire sunday april 4th so get them NOW!
Aegis Wing - free reason not to get it
Totemball - game requires you to have vision camera

I'm too lazy to link the individual small items.  You can search for them ya go

Bulletwitch - Mummy Costume
Bulletwitch - White Witch
Bulletwitch - Pixie Costume
Burnout Revenge - Alienware Car
Burnout Revenge - Dolby Car
Burnout Revenge - Monster Car
Burnout Revenge - Plantronics Car
Burnout Revenge - Spike TV Car
Burnout Revenge - Xbox Live Car
Burnout Revenge - Yellowcard Car
Call of Duty 2 - Call of Duty 2: Bonus Map Pack
Call of Duty 3 - Call of Duty 3 Bonus Map “Champs”
Chromehounds - Assist Parts 01
Chromehounds - Color 02
Chromehounds - Heavy Arms 01
Chromehounds - Light Arms 02
Command and Conquer 3 - Ground Zero Map
Crackdown - Four-Play Pack
Crackdown - Free-For-All Pack
Dead Rising - Burgundy Wine Key
Dead Rising - Casual Key
Dead Rising - Coldhearted Snake Key
Dead Rising - Grandpa Key
Dead Rising - Man in Black Key
Dead Rising - Miami Nights Key
Dead Rising - Paparazzi Nights Key
Dead Rising - Round Shades Key
Dead Rising - Weekender Key
Dead Rising - Pure White Suit Key
Dead Rising - Stripe Key
Dead Rising - Accountant Key
F.E.A.R. - Control and Conquer All Map Pack
Gears of War - Gears of War Multiplayer Map Pack 1
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 - Throwback Pack
Godfather, The - MobFace Apparel Bundle
Kameo - Kameo Co-Op Pack
Kameo - Kameo Design-a-Skin Pack
Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II - Aragorn’s Journey - Map Pack 1
Lost Planet - Map Pack #1
Lost Planet - Map Pack #2
Lost Planet - Map Pack #3
Lumines Live! - Heavenly Star Skin
Madden NFL 07 - AFC East Throwback Uniforms
Madden NFL 07 - AFC North Throwback Uniforms
Madden NFL 07 - AFC South Throwback Uniforms
Madden NFL 07 - AFC West Throwback Uniforms
Madden NFL 07 - NFC East Throwback Uniforms
Madden NFL 07 - NFC North Throwback Uniforms
Madden NFL 07 - NFC South Throwback Uniforms
Madden NFL 07 - NFC West Throwback Uniforms
MLB 2K7 - Olympic Stadium
NBA Street Homecourt - Melo’s Cloverdale
NCAA Football 07 - Alt Uniforms - ACC
NCAA Football 07 - Alt Uniforms - Big 10, Pac 10, Notre Dame
NCAA Football 07 - Alt Uniforms - Big 12, WAC
NCAA Football 07 - Alt Uniforms - Big East, Conf. USA
NCAA Football 07 - Alt Uniforms - SEC, Mtn. West
Need for Speed Carbon - Dump Truck
Need for Speed Carbon - Fire Truck
Need for Speed Carbon - Supreme Car Bundle
Outfit, The - Collateral Damage Map Pack
Outfit, The - Multiplayer Map: Arnhem Mayhem
Outpost Kaloki X - Bounty Hunter Scenario
Outpost Kaloki X - Fireworks Scenario
Outpost Kaloki X - The Swarm Scenario
Perfect Dark Zero - Map Pack Two
Prey - Becky
Prey - Elhuit
Prey - Elite
Prey - Gravity Labs
Prey - Hunter
Prey - Jen
Prey - Space Oddity
Prey - Topillogical
Prey - Tunnel Rat
PGR3 - Aston Martin V8 Vantage
PGR3 - Cadillac V-Series Collection
PGR3 - RUF R.K. Spyder
Rainbow Six Vegas - Red Pack
Rainbow Six Vegas - Black Pack
Ridge Racer 6 - BARADUKE FIERA
Ridge Racer 6 - LILIK WILD GANG
Ridge Racer 6 - neucom ABILLE
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key07 CL2 XEVIOUS FATALITA
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key08 CL2 SOLVALOU BISONTE
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key09 CL2 POPKA MELTFIRE
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key10 CL2 PAC-MAN EO
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key11 CL2 FINALLAP ESPERANZA
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key12 CL2 NENEKO RAGGIO
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key13 CL2 SHOOTAWAY HIJACK
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key14 CL3 HYPER KNIGHT FIERA
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key15 CL3 TOYPOP ABEILLE
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key16 CL3 KLONOA PROPHETIE
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key17 CL3 DRAGONSABER WILD GANG
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key18 CL3 SHOOTAWAY BAYONET
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key19 CL3 DRAGONSPIRIT STARNOSE
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key20 CL4 NightRaven FATALITA
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key21 CL4 BARADUKE BISONTE
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key22 CL4 DRAGONSPIRIT MELTFIRE
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key23 CL4 XIAOYU EO
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key24 CL4 MITSURUGI ESPERANZA
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key25 CL4 MAPPY RAGGIO
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key26 CL4 WARPMAN HIJACK
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key27 SPC MITSURUGI ANGELUS
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key28 SPC GALAGA CRINALE
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key30 SPC PAC-MAN TERRAJIN
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key31 SPC neucom PRONZIONE
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key32 SPC ANDORGENESIS 490B
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key33 SPC ZASALAMEL G00
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key34 SPC DANVER BASS CRUISER
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key35 SPC NAMCO PAC-MAN
Ridge Racer 6 - Unlock Key36 SPC MONSTROUS
Saints Row - Exclusive Unkut Pack
Saints Row - The Ho Ho Ho Pack
Samurai Warriors 2 - Command List
Samurai Warriors 2 - Support List
Splinter Cell: Double Agent New Free Content
Test Drive Unlimited - 1971 Dodge Challenger RT
Test Drive Unlimited - Cadillac CTS-V
Test Drive Unlimited - Chevrolet Corvette C1 1957
Test Drive Unlimited - Free Holden Efijy Concept
Test Drive Unlimited - Launch Pack
Test Drive Unlimited- Lexus Collection Volume 3
Test Drive Unlimited - Lexus IS 350
Test Drive Unlimited - Saturn Curve
Top Spin 2 - Top Spin 2 Downloadable Content 1
Top Spin 2 - Top Spin 2 Downloadable Content 2
XNA Creators Club - XNA Game Launcher
24 - Season 6 Picture Pack
Alien Honinid HD - Vehicle Picture Pack
Alpha Dog Picture Pack
Axe Picture Pack
Axe: Neutron Picture Pack
Blades of Glory - Blades of Glory Picture Pack
Borat DVD Picture Pack
Bringing it Home - Bringing it Home: X06 Picture Pack
Bringing it Home - X06: Battlestar Galactica Picture Pack
Bringing it Home - X06: Mass Effect Picture Pack 1
Burger King Picture Pack
Comic-Con 2007 Gamer Picture
Digital Entertainment - Mission: Impossible III Picture Pack
Disturbia Picture Pack
Doritos Unlock Xbox Picture Pack
E3 2006 - E3 06: Gold Member Picture Pack
E3 2006 - E3 06: Silver Member Picture Pack
E3 2006 - E3 06: X-Men: The Last Stand Picture Pack 1
E3 2006 - E3 06: X-Men: The Last Stand Picture Pack 2
E3 2006 - E3 06: X-Men: The Last Stand Picture Pack 3
E3 2006 - E3 06: X-Men: The Last Stand Picture Pack 4
E3 2007 Picture Pack
Entourage - ENTOURAGE Lifestyle Picture Pack
Family Guy Vol. 4 DVD Picture Pack
Grand Theft Auto IV Picture Pack 1
GR:AW 2 - GRAW 2 Live Weekend Picture Pack
Live Earth Picture Pack
Nacho Libre Picture Pack
NEXT Picture Pack
Ocean’s 13 Picture Pack
Pathfinder Picture Pack
Rush Hour 3 Picture Pack
Shark Week Picture Pack
Shooter Picture Pack
Smokin’ Aces Gamer Picture Pack
Sprite SubLYMONAL Picture Pack
T-Mobile Sidekick Picture Pack
The Outfit Picture Pack 2
The Reaping Picture Pack
Verizon Action Hero Picture Pack
Viva PiƱata! Maximum Candiosity Gamer Picture
24 - Season 6 Theme
Alpha Dog Theme
Axe Theme
Axe: Neutron Theme
Darkness Theme
Blades of Glory - Blades of Glory Theme
Borat Theme Pack
Bringing it Home: Battlestar Galactica Theme
Burger King Theme
Digital Entertainment - Mission: Impossible III Theme
Disturbia Theme
Doritos Unlock Xbox Theme
E3 2006 - E3 06: X-Men: The Last Stand Theme 1
E3 2006 - E3 06: X-Men: The Last Stand Theme 2
E3 2006 - E3 06: X-Men: The Last Stand Theme 3
E3 2006 - E3 06: X-Men: The Last Stand Theme 4
E3 2007 Theme
Entourage - ENTOURAGE Lifestyle Theme
Family Guy Vol. 4 DVD Theme
Gears of War - Gears of War Multiplayer Map Pack 1 Theme
Grand Theft Auto IV Theme 1
Live Earth Theme
Nacho Libre Theme
NCAA March Madness 07 - Adam Morrison Theme
NEXT Theme
Ocean’s 13 Theme
Old Spice Experience Challenge Theme
Pathfinder Theme
Perfect Dark Zero - Rare Theme
Rush Hour 3 Theme
Shark Week Theme
Shooter Theme
Smokin’ Aces Theme
Sprite SubLYMONal Theme
T-Mobile Sidekick Theme
The Godfather - Happy Holiday Theme
The Reaping Theme
Verizon Action Hero Them


I called ,you answered ...and you came to my rescue

and the next line reads "and I wanna be where you are". lately I've been feeling a conflicting thought that I drop here and there in conversations.  I feel like I should be doing something to make a difference.  I'm not sure if that should be in the millitary or simply serving god where he see's fit.  I'll be brutally honest here, I'm no saint and if it had to be set in stone I'd say I'm a struggling christian who wants to grow.  I know I've got good family surrounding me, I just need to jump when the opportunity rises. 

Today at church (seacoast s'ville) I heard David Roever give his story.  That sermon personally lit a spark into my life that I think will stick with me forever.  The link (on his name) doesn't do much justice.  Lynds and I will be ordering his 2 DVD's and his audio CD rather soon

Aside from the uber srs religious side of the post , WE GOT A NEW HOUSE@! It has been a VERY long time coming.  I'll have to do a post with pictures or a video but for now i'll hit you with the fridge of destiny.  I'm not trying to brag on this thing but c'mon man we financed this beast for 1,200 dollars.  This thing is big and black...ya and it holds food.  w00t!!12131!

The holidays went well for both Lynds, I and our families..well I think they did at least.  I meant to write more but its already getting close to midnight so i has to get some sleeps noaw.  


its beginning to feel like 3 am on christmas

That would be actually is 3 AM on christmas day.  The most recent disovery I've made is that Torchlight is a pretty deent game, anyone who enjoys the Diablo/Action RPG type games will feel right at home.  I wouldn't go in w/your hopes TOO high but as far as single player goes its actually quite nice.  I downloaded it quickly after realizing that this Risen (pc game) dvd disk was blank. 

Its offiially christmas...well 3 hours into the actual day.  I'm thankfull we have that beautifully baby Jesus to watch over us now.  He certainly isn't a baby, or a person we an physially see for that matter.  He is right there behind me everytime I step out into this big wide and sometimes vicious world though. 

I've grown to be rather hesitant about Lynds and mine home loan.  I know were approved and I know we lose on the 29th, but I won't really realize it until we sign the papers.  I am SO beyond ready to sign the dotted line and start investing this money into our future, our home and our life.  I totally just ripped a rather loud fart (its 3 AM) I think my new pup Archelaus woke up , pwnd. 

You see how I stopped the semi-mushy srs part right there, pretty clever aye?  I really hope this christmas goes well.  I know my mother and family will enjoy the wii that I got them.  It didn't cost any out of pocket money b/c I just did some trading and things were good to go.  Truth be told i've made about 300 bucks in the past week.  Thats not even counting the extra 100 that I put down to get the earlier mentioned new pup.  I'll write a blog about that whole process a bit later. 

I'm thinking that Lynds and I def need a good camera here soon.  I figure if we're getting a new one we might as well get a rather nice one.   SLR cams are nice but not sure that any are quite affordable for our lifestyle at the moment.  I cant really think too straight b/c I am actually starting to get tired.   Hadn't wrote in a figured I would. 

...agian so boring w/o the format or pics in post.  iSux , sry.

merry christmas


I come to you now defenses down. Defenseless now.

     I wish I could've seen growing up that when I was told to "be myself" that it really would work.  There will always be those who shut you out or push you down.  What matters at the end of the day was that you kept on doing what you feel is right and didn't bend.  I'm not saying that I was always right, god knows that it's completely the opposite.  In high school I felt like god was just sort of something that was there.  God was something that gave people the decency to stop people from asking me why I had coke bottle glasses.  God was something inside of people that would take me as I questions asked.  This could be true, but really the part of the picture that I wasn't getting was that it wasn't God.  It was really morals and standards. 

     Tie all that into my present...I often wonder if it's God or my standards that keep me away from alcohol and drinking.  I have never been one to like that.  I did however, dip my toes in the waters of smoking pot as a teen.  I thought that was okay...but never was keen on drinking.  Of course now the smoking thing is a definite 100% NO, its not even in the question.  I am not against a glass or two of a nice whine or champagne, I have yet to try either of those...but may sooner or later.  I have no desire to get drunk but I do know that they help prevent kidney stones...which I don't ever care to try.   I KNOW that I hold the alchohol thing against others...and I shouldn't.  I don't even like to be around it, or have anything to do with it unless its in a (to my oh so precious standards) classy way. 

On past the alchohol and back to the being yourself though.  I really hope that when I have kids I can put this message through and really get it across.  If you really just keep it true to yourself then people will accept that and half the time you can really help people change.  Half the time a group is poking fun there's a GOOD chance that someone in the group doesn't feel that way ...they're just going with the flow.  I don't want to make a scene by busting out a bible and doing some obscure scene to pray over dinner in public.  I do however think that I should be praying over every meal I have.  It doesn't have to be some elitist prayer that clears the skies so that got himself can high five me for my awesome play of words on my thirty minute prayer in the middle of Applebees.  Just a short little "thank you for everything I have and will have " will suffice.

     Lynds has been doing a great job of keeping us praying before dinner and I really think it does help us.  It's always good practice to have reminders in our life.  We use sticky notes to remind us to do small errands throughout the day.  A simple prayer before a meal is a good reminder of what we should be thankfull of.  A bible/cross or anything that may remind you of what you believe in on your desk may help you remember whats right and wrong when your browsing the oh so enticing internet.  I'm no saint nor am I a preacher, just things that have helped me in life.

This post has been on and off for almost an hour and at this point waking up for church will certainly be a slight challenge.  Today Katie got married, twas a very well put together reception.  I could tell Lynds was getting semi emotional and most likely thinking about the fact that we will be doing the same thing in about 3 months.  Had a great time catching up w/Jamz0rz and playing wii for like...prolly 2-3 hours, lulz.  My nerves are on edge to hear from these underwriters.  If we get this loan approved and move into our house this month it will no doubt be one of the happiest moments of both our lives.  Its such an amazing house that I can really see us raising our kids in if that is where we are when kids come into play.  Schools going so-so, there are some things I'd like to change but its completely out of my grasp.  looking forward to seeing what Mr. Crocker has as a surprise tomorrow.   It's almost 3 I need teh sleepz0rz.

if anyones reading this sorry for the lack of photos along the time tonight


A constant work in progress

Would be a pretty good summary of life and an effective way to view it.  I know that I've had my fair share of speed bumps and there are many more to come.  I do hope that I'm making the right decisions now so more than ever.  It's not just myself that I am responsible for, I feel that I am making decisions that will effect Lyndsey as well.  I pushed to back away from the townhouse we were pursuing, and instead go for an actual home.  I know that Lynds was heels over head in love w/the townhouse...but if we get stuck somewhere for more than 5 years and kids come into play that may not be the best place.  I feel 100% certain that this house is an actual home that we can grow old in if that's the way the cookie crumbles.

     This is a dummy pic, its similiar but just flip it around so the door is on the right band side of the garage.  I am actually VERY excited that this place has a 2 car garage.  I really miss doing music, I'd trade every 360 I have to be able to get up on stage and do music again.  It's always nice to have a crowd that enjoys your music, but I 100% enjoyed just gettting up there and performing with the guys.  Its somewhat funny b/c I use to be known as the shy person growing up, I thought on stage I'd clam up and let my nerves get the best of me.  It was actually the opposite, I wish I would've been more social with the crowd but overall I'm not let down with my part in the band.  I am not so sure that I have time to do it in school, and I know that Lynds def doesn't think I should.  However, if a really promising opportunity came up I don't know that it'd be all that easy to pass it up.  I start to sit down and run through stories in my mind, which later turn to ideas for songs...but never seem to write them down.

    Lastly, school is going rather well in my opinion, I'm super stoked to actually start my networking classes.  I started to work on a layout for twitter and consider using it.  If you clicked on the link you can clearly see the oh so beautiful avatar that is...AyyoitsBrandon.  I also went into my template for blogger and figured out how the crap to make a "read more" link.  It used to be easy in the LJ/DJ fails this time.  It's almost I need to get some rest.


hope meet reality and lets all come to an agreement

One thing that's become so vividly clear in my life and mind is that growing up there isn't always a clean cut right and wrong choice. I find myself rebounding from making the wrong choice and ending up much better then planned, and in the same instance. This whole home purchasing thing has shed light that really a marriage is more than just love, more than just hopes and dreams. It really involves so much decision making and coming to an agreement. I have no doubt that I'll grow old with Lyndsey , but really you never get the full effect of it until you have to start coming to a decision on serious matters. I think that both her and I will learn more about each other then we can imagine.

The funny part is I've heard this all before...and always said nah you know what I already know my fiancee' quite well. What'd everyone always hear growing up...ah yes, never say never.''

I find myself STILL having constant conflicting thoughts in my head about if something is simply morally/personally not right or if its rather sinfull. We all make mistakes and its a day to day thing that we most likely will never be able to break. That is a whole different story in which I don't have time to get into. I really do want to consistently blog, but for (what i'd think) a good reason. I'd like to be able to show my kids that yes I did go through.

Tonight Lynds and I went to a local show with Todd and Sam. We met up with our buddy Adam there also. I REALLY enjoyed In Regret they had so much passion and energy. It's one thing to work a crowd but it another when you can tell the music really means something. I've been listening to them for the past hour or close to two , hah. I REALLY didn't enjoy Calvary, the guy was cussing the entire time while talking in between songs. I understand profanity gets thrown around...and while I don't cuss I'm sure I say words others don't agree with. Show was at a bar so I also understand that its most likely gonna happen, however when you say "oh f jesus he isn't real" thats a line that you really shouldn't cross. I was glad to see that people were leaving after that. Major props to Craig (from ophira) for immediately waking out and being the first. Show was overall a good time . Afterwards me and Todd rocked out some New Super Mario Bro's Wii...good times.

I'm about to head to bed , tomorrow should be full of working on my powerpoint, chatting it up with Coleseph and hopefully helping Lynds with some packing and what not. I'm walking on egg shells with this house! Also working on a new comic with a friend, I'll hopefully put it up online and do a new comic every week...we shall see. If it gets good responses maybe we can increase the count and what not.


How I turned 165 dollars into over 500dollars...

Its been a while since I've updated the good ol' blog. A lot of stuff has happened, in hopes of keeping good spirits I'm just going to write about how I have actually progressed forward and trippled my money without doing much besides emailing and holding out for good deals. I actually was inspired by the story about how a guy traded a pen or a penny (something of the sort) and kept trading until he got a house.

As my dear sweet fiancee mispells it "husselin" but everyone else would hopefully go the correctly spelled road and spell it "hustling". With that being said let me demonstrate how I turned a ukulele I didn't use anymore into well over 500 dollars.

I picked up a Cordoba Uke a few years ago for about 150'ish b/c they didn't have the cheaper one I was told was in stock. That being said, it was collecting dust since I prefer to play acoustic and/or electric guitar over it. The only reason I wanted to get the uke was so that one of my good friends James and I could play/sing songs in the car ride to Warped tour in NC. It served as a great time filler for the ride and my baby sister Gracie LOVVVVVVVVVVVED to play with it any chance she got. Actually all the kids in the family wanted to, its just a tad too pricey for kids to play with as a toy.

That being said I decided I'd sell it, I got 175 out of it. I took 165 and purchased an Xbox 360 with a 20 gig gig HDD and 3 games. The games were

Lost Planet
NBA 2k6
Smackdown Vs Raw 09

I ended up selling this without the hard drive and only with the nba game for 140.

After this I bought this package for 140. It was Guitar Hero 3 w/wireless guitar, Perfect Dark Zero (collectors edition) and Ghost Recon 2. Also had wirelesscontroller and 20 gig hard drive. This left me with an extra 20 gig hard drive. I ended up selling the extra for a quick Ulysses. Now for those of you who dont know about the good ol' Ulysses...shame ...shame on you. Mr. U is a step below the ever so popular Benjamin. I would just call him Grant but ya know we use Ben's first hey whatever Ulysses S. Grant FTW. Hopefully you got that and realized I'm talking about the great 50 dollar bill that I'm sure everyone loves all the same. I got a bit off subject there but honestly I think that the two women that read this dont care. I love you mom and lynds, ...and anyone else who stumbles upon this masterpiece of blogging history.

So yea, took the 50 dollars and bought a non functioning Polaroid 3200 LCD TV for 50 bucks. The guy was super nice and said he'd even refund me the money (he's ballin) if I couldn't fix it. My good buddy Coletrain wants it for 50 if i dont fix it though. Heres a pic of Frankenstien. I call him that b/c hopefully one day like my boy Dr Frankenstien did he shall be ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! I think its a power inverter that needs fixing, that costs about 140 dollars. I'm assuming a shop will do it for 160'ish or I'll do it myself...worst case scenario I get my 50 bucks back and initiate the "husseling" all over again.

Now for the big bang shibang dont soil your pants when I drop this bomb of crazyness upon you. I traded the 360 console w/wireless controller and 20 gig HDD, Lost Planet, Ghost Recon 2 and Perfect Dark Zero for none other than an 80 Gig PS3! I really have never enjoyed any sony products...but this was an AWESOME deal. I was told it was a 40 gig with 3 games...its an 80 with 4 games though. I did about 15 happy dances in a row followed by a macarana and most likely something Micheal Jackson would have coreographed himself. Of course I had to put a pic up since I did all the others.

I was actually planning on most likely selling the TV for somewhere b/w 300-400 but now I may hold onto it so I have something to play xbox on if Lynds wants to watch TV. Who knows though, I think the goal is to get a 42 or bigger downstairs for when we have people over and then we can move the 32" to the office. I really need to get to bed now.

I'm trying to sell the ps3 bundle for 450


I am unbelievably tired but wanted to write this out tonight while it was all fresh in my mind.


PS3 was old read newer post for moar information'